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        1. An Issue Based nadian Politil Third Party

          We aren’t reer politicians, we are the common people of nada; we are the very grassroots of nada.


          On Oct 24, 2022 elections will be held for Ontario City Councils and Public School Boards.


          We will support & help elect ndidates that are aligned with us. 

          best 88 เครดิตฟรี 2022

          Amplified Religious Broadsts

          Regardless of faith, houses of worship should not be allowed to make external amplified broadsts. nada being a pluralist society it is a fundamental principle that Freedom of Religion must also mean Freedom from Religion.


          Propaganda & Bias

          Ensure that no ideologil propaganda is being conducted in the pretext of promoting critil thinking. Any controversial topic must be vetted by a fair representation from the community to ensure an unbiased and balanced view is presented to students.